TD Bank Routing Number

Published: 02.04.2020
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TD Bank Routing Number

Today, you can open up an account with virtually any financial institution that approves you for a loan, checking or savings account. Because of the Internet, advanced technologies, and access to online banking systems, you can pick and choose that fit your personal and business needs. In some cases, banks are expanding into other countries like the U.S. and they are building larger customer bases as they go.

That said, if you have an interest in opening up any type of account with TD Bank, here are XX essential things that you may want to know prior to submitting an application for their approval.

History of TD Bank

First of all, you should know what the TD in TD Banks stands for. Because these banks headquarter is in Toronto Dominion, this is what the TD represents. Therefore, for the U.S. citizen, it is considered to be a foreign-owned corporation that is located in the country of Canada. It was founded in 1855 and is now the largest multinational bank in Canada. Even though this bank is located in another country, it also has a huge operation in America. With its branches spanning from Florida to Maine, the bank has over 1300 branches in total. In fact, when this bank is compared to other banking institutions in the U.S., it is on the list as the 14th largest bank holding company.

Huge Return on equity

Because there are many different banks across the U.S., that people can invest their money in, some people may even ask why is TD so successful in finances and its ranking. Though these reasons may vary from one organization or individual to another, the primary reason appears to be the huge return on equity that each of their account holders receives. For instance, when you look at the trends in ROE, you will find that for a trailing of 12 months that these investments gain appropriately 14 percent on the amount invested.

Free Online Banking Offered for Account Holders

If you open up an account in the U.S. with the Toronto Dominion Bank in Canada, you can take advantage of their free online banking services. The banking features that they offer are provided for you below.

  • Obtain real-time account information when you need it
  • Account holders can View check images online to see what items have cleared
  • Account holders can Review, save and print online statements from their accounts - These services are just like receiving paper statements but with an added level of security with less clutter
  • Users can transfer their funds between banking accounts
  • Online features available that allow their users to Stop payments on checks already issued
  • To better manage finances, TD bank sends out e-mail alerts to better assist account holders

Wire Transfers

At some point in time, an account holder has a need to transfer funds to someone that they know. These wire transfers can be sent for a wide range of reasons and purposes today. Before these wire transfers can be sent to the destination that it is needed, the account holder will need to follow certain steps in order for a successful transaction to be made. For instance, if you are sending a wire transfer to a member of your family, friend, co-worker or anyone else, you need to obtain the information that it is needed from TD bank and your account. Typically, two of the main pieces of information that will be needed is the routing number of TD Bank and your account number.

To supply the routing number of TD bank and your account number, you need to know where you can find both along with information that tells you how the number is formatted. So, for those of you who have questions about this bank's routing number, here are a few things that can assist you with getting this information.

When you first open your account, your account number is sent to you by mail. So, you can use the original notification to obtain it easily.

What is TD Bank Routing Number?

- The routing number is not always upfront and clear to understand. Therefore, you need to know what you are looking for. For instance, if you are trying to find the routing number to wire money, you can use one number (031101266) that will identify the wire coming from TD bank. Otherwise, if you need the routing number for your bank, you need to find the number that represents the state where you reside because each state's routing number is different (i.e. New Jersey's routing number is 031201360 and North Carolina's routing number is 053902197).

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