Chase Bank Routing Number

Published: 02.04.2020
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Chase Bank

Chase bank offers all the basic banking services, including credit cards, loans, investments, and checking accounts. Their mobile tools are the most excellent among other national banks.

If you have a Chase Bank checking account, then you will require to know your routing number. Knowing your checking account routing number is helpful since you will require it when sending wire transfers, making payroll payments, or signing up for automatic deposits.

A bank routing number is a nine-digit number that is used as a unique identifier of a bank or a financial institution. The numbers are also known as Routing Transit numbers (RTN), check routing numbers, or ABA numbers.

Chase bank is among the best and largest banks in the United States. In fact, it is the most utilized U.S. commercial and consumer banking service in the world. Also, it is a subsidiary of the JPMorgan Chase & Co., a multinational financial and banking services holding company. Clients have reported a high satisfaction level with Chase Bank and ease of access to be the primary contributors to the success of the bank.

What Is Chase Routing Number?

The Chase routing number is a number that identifies a Chase bank branch in a particular area. The routing number differs with the location of the various Chase bank branches and is specific in a particular location. So, a Chase routing number is an identification of the Chase bank where your account exists. Therefore, the code differs for different banks.

The number is always used by clients when making online transactions. Also, the number is used when dealing with wire money transfers, making direct deposits, and paying bills that are processed by the Automated Clearing House. Additionally, the Federal Reserve Banks use the routing number to conduct other automated money transfers.

How Do You Find Chase Routing Numbers?

Now that you understand that the Routing number has a very crucial role and it is mandatory to use the Routing Transit Numbers in most of our transactions, you need to ensure that you are using the correct Routing number for all your transactions.

Here are some simple methods of finding the right Chas Bank routing numbers for all your transactions:

• Using monthly bank statements

Monthly bank statements are sent by your bank each month, and you get them via the email. The statements help you to keep track of all the transactions that happen in your bank account every month. The Routing number appears at the top right corner where your account number is shown. You can acquire the chase routing number from the third or fourth digit of your account number.

• Using the Chase Bank mobile app

Mobile apps are known to make everything appear easier, and that is the case when finding your Chase routing number. You can get your Chase ABA number using your mobile banking app. Just sign in to your Chase bank app and open your account. Select the account summary button – that is where you will find your Chase bank routing number.

• Using the Chase Bank Online Banking System

You can also find your Chase bank routing number from your online banking system. Log in to your online banking system portal using your username and password. Go to My Accounts page and click on the Account Details option. Scroll down and click on the Account Information option. You will see that your Routing number is available in this section.

• Using a Bank Account Check

Your personal bank account check has your Chase bank RTN. At the bottom of your check, three numbers are printed side by side. The routing number is enclosed using the symbol “|:”.

Most banks have a single routing number. You may think that Chase bank have one routing number, but that is not the case. They are different in various regions and states.

Apart from the above-mentioned ways of finding your Chase routing number, you can also visit your local Chase bank branch and request the teller to give you your routing number. You can also go to the Chase Bank website at chasebank.com.

If you choose to call, you can contact a customer representative by calling Chase bank’s support number and requesting your routing number.

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